Poppy T. Penguin here! Just wanted to say "Hello". I love to bake cookies and hang out with the bears. Archie is my dog and Fiona has become my best friend since she arrived in Brambleberry Hollow.

Poppy Penguin

  • • All of our buddies are approximately 16” Tall Made of 100% custom designed polyester fleece with 100% polyester stuffing. • We put the safety of our littlest fans first so another reason we are Made in the America. • Our characters are lovable, huggable and washable but most of all they bring joy to the heart and soul.

© 1984-2019 Susan Straub-Martin.  If you are pinning or blogging PLEASE SHARE THE DESIGN LOVE, and give proper credit and link back to my website.

Thank You! 



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